Certified Medical Lab Assistant (CMLA)


Program Description

• AVTECH CMLA Graduates are eligible to work in important healthcare areas such as Hospital Laboratory, doctors office's, nursing homes, private laboratory and urgent care centers to name a few.

• As an AVTECH student you will learn fundamentals in Medical Terminology and laboratory abbreviations - the syntax and use of medical terminology.

• Proper Use of Laboratory Equipment such as microscopes, centrifuge autoclave and auto analyzers

• Venipuncture procedures including familiarization with blood collection tubes, types, additives and tests.

• Hematology; the study of blood and elements such as RBC, WBC and platelets.

• Students can demonstrate their ability to perform common laboratory tests such as Urinalysis, CBC, Blood Smear, Blood typing, cross matching and hemoglobin measurement

• Microbiology testing such as the Gram stain technique; culture and sensitivity of Bacteria, virus and fungi will become familiar.

• American Heart Association CPR for Health Care Providers course is included in the CMLA Program. Students must pass AHA certification requirements.

• Students will develop a complete understanding of patient rights and quality assurance programs

• Students will be knowledgeable in Laboratory Safety procedures and hazards.

• Additionally, students will learn accurate and complete patient documentation along with HIPPA regulations.


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